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Mangalore is the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located about 350kms west of the state capital Benglure. Mangalore lies between Arabian Sea and The western ghat mountain rangers and is the administrative head quarters of Dakshina Kannada formally South Canara district in South western Karnataka.

Natural resources are found in abundance in and around the Mangalore. This city was and continuous to be a fast developing one. The people here are warm, friendy, industrias and hardworking and have does given rise to many businessmen.

These businessmen have together contributed to Mangalore’s development and one such dignitary amongst them is Mr. Manmohan Mally who is the head of Abhiman Constructions. Mr. K. Manmohan Das Mally was born in Kunjathbail Kavoor, in Mangalore Taluk on the 29th of March, 1961.

His father is Late Sankappa Mally who was a PWD contractor and a Railway Contractor. His mother Late Rathna S Mally was a home maker. While he was young he used to assist his father in construction work. Thus he started enjoying constructions and decided to take it up as his career. Thus interest which developed when he was young was the main motivation behind him starting his own projects.

Abhiman Constructions was found in January 1986.The first projects Mr.Mally under took were the houses of one late Mrs. Gracy D’souza in Bajpe which was a property of 1000sq.ft. and another property 2500sq.ft of one Mr.Sudhir kumar Shetty in Kodialbail, Mangalore.

Starting from 1989 Abhiman Constructions functioned from Vas Mahal Complex, Bendoorwell, Mangalore and then in 1993 it was shifted to RajMahal apartment, Ballalbagh and in 2001 it was finally shifted to Abhiman Chamber from where it continues to function.

Abhiman Chamber is a very large complex, built in 5000 sq.ft of land and houses some of the most talented and brilliant minds in the field of architecture. The offices well equipped with people from all main and subdivisions related to architecture who handle the working of one of the major housing enterprises in manglore.

Mr. Mally started out with the handful of trusted people and loyal work men. Starting off from the construction of individual houses, school buildings and later apartments and commercial buildings. The company has grown to today’s position and has the distension of 25 completed projects, 6 ongoing projects, 4 completed commercial complexes and 3 completed residential layouts.

Thus catering to the needs of people of various backgrounds in and around the Mangalore city. 6 ongoing projects of 324 dwelling units with 6,29,565sq.ft out of which 2 are high rise buildings in hampankatta, Light house hill with Abhiman Hills and Abhiman Texas at Bendoorwell considered as the Landmark achievements of the company. Here is a list of their ongoing projects:

  • Abhiman Heights 1,51,810 sq.ft. with 50 units.
  • Abhiman Mansion 60,400 sq.ft with 40 units.
  • Abhman Srinivas 45,240 sq.ft with 36 units.
  • Abhiman Laxminarayana 41,280 sq.ft with 30 units.
  • Abhiman Hills 1,70,835 sq.ft. with 88 units.
  • Abhiman Texas 1,60,000 sq.ft. with 80 units.

Mr. Mally got married Mrs. Sushma on 9th of June 1993. It is truly said that behind the success of every man there is a woman and here it is Mrs. Sushma. Mrs. Sushma Mally is an active supporter in all the activities of Abhiman Constructions. Besides she is in charge of Abhiman Residency, the Hotel wing of Abhiman group with 60 AC and Non AC rooms and a very well acclaimed bar and restaurant called Anupama, which is situated in the second floor of Abhiman Chamber at Bunts Hostel Circle, Mangalore. She is also the director of Abhiman holdings, another wing of Abhiman Group which caters to the needs of people who prefer residential layouts to flats.

Mr. and Mrs. Mally are blessed with a son Aditya and a daughter Medha. Mrs. Sushma Mally thus being a loving wife and mother is also a successful businessmwoman and thus a sources strength to Mr. Manmohan Mally in all his business activities. Coming from such a humble beginning of doing a residential house of 1000 sq.ft. for a cost of Rs. 1.25 lacs and growing to construction of high rise buildings catering to the needs of 1000 and owned families and business complexes is a remarkable achievement in 25 years. The credential he values the most is trust. He considers himself as a Trustee. A trustee of people who invest their hardened money, sincerity in the dealings. “Do what is promised and promise only what is proposed to be done” is what he believes in. He considers two of his projects Abhiman Palace and Abhiman Garden as the brightest feathers in his cab. Both of these projects are unique in many aspects and the people who book flats now desire these two flats as role models.

Mr. Mally is very socially active but silent as well as he doesn’t want to make a publicity of his presence in social gatherings. He is the member of canara chamber of commerce and various clubs in Mangalore.

He is also religiously inclined. He is the chief trustee of the Kavoor Mahalingeshwara Temple and is active in many such social and religious activities of all communities and religions. He is an active participant in celebration of all nature and supports them with men, material and money. Reverend pope John Paul the Second visited Mangalore on the 6th February 1986. As a mark of respect for his highness reverend pope, Mr. Mally has donated land to the Bishop at Bajpe. Cheers to Mr. Manmohan Mally for completing 25 glorious years in the construction field and wishing him all more laurels and success in the years to come.

Client speak

Thank you very much for the flat No.1006 in Abhiman Palace in Mannagudda which is completed and handed over on scheduled time limit.
Mr Jagadish Boloor, Mangalore
I am delighted to write this note of appreciation in respect of my flat No 1102 Abhiman Garden, in Kadri. The workmanship is par excellance.
Dr Kishore Shetty
I was very happy to own a flat in Medha Apartments, Kadri. The location, construction and facilities are very good. It is a proud place to live and feel happy
Janardhan.N. Sydney (Australia)
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